admin / 31 Mar , 2021

Top 7 Electrical Renovation Tips By Your Local Electrician

When you renovate your entire property or a particular area of the house, it elevates the overall appearance of the abode. Whether you are changing the bathroom tiles, kitchen countertop, or the wall of the living room, your only intention is to make your home aesthetically pleasing. However, you should spend money not only to …

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admin / 01 May , 2020

Electrical Safety Do’s and Don’ts Checklist

Electrical accidents can happen at any time in the house if the members are not careful or don’t pay attention to how electric items or components are used. In most cases, the accidents that occur in homes are minor, but it is wise to be proactive and aware to prevent electrical mishaps from happening altogether. …

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admin / 20 Apr , 2020

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips for Home Fire Safety

Smoke alarms are essential installations for the safety of any home considering house fires cause more deaths than natural hazards like bushfires and storms annually in Australia. According to experts, these residential fires are avoidable by having functioning and well-maintained smoke alarms as most house fires are caused by smoking materials like cigarettes, tobacco pipes, burning …

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admin / 07 Apr , 2020

7 Steps to Take before Calling an Emergency Electrician

Electrical emergencies are common where electrical safety measures are not followed correctly, or there are grounding/earthing issues. Short circuits, electrocution, shocks, sparks, and fires caused due to electrical failures and mishaps can be serious problems that should not be fixed with do-it-yourself solutions. Professional intervention is required during an electrical emergency that can happen at …

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