10 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring


10 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

Never overlook the signs of damage and wear related to electrical wiring in your home. Sometimes, minor issues can turn into serious problems, such as fire.

It is crucial to spot the signs as early as possible and rewire everything to prevent damaged appliances, house fires and electrical shocks. Vintage homes or properties with poor electrical systems may need rewiring service to rectify the potentially fatal condition. It is good to hire professional electricians in Australia to repair damaged wires, secure outlets and prevent unfortunate electrical accidents.

Below are 10 signs that indicate your house needs electrical rewiring for your family members' safety and abode.

Burned Smell Close to an Outlet

If there is an odour of burning smell around an outlet or an electrical appliance, make sure you repair the wire as quickly as possible.

Brown or black charring around the contact openings of an outlet is also a sign of a small fire. So, immediately turn off the circuit breaker from that part of your abode before unplugging the appliance.

Breakers Flipping

You may face the undersized electrical system if your circuit breakers flip when you use more appliances at once. Older electrical wiring offers fewer amps than new ones, which means they can’t meet a new-age household’s electricity demand.

The best thing you can do is electrical rewiring with the assistance of trained electricians in Australia.

Flickering Lights When Wind Blows or Dimming

Fluorescent lights are one of those lights that constantly flicker. However, LED or incandescent lights should not flicker or go dim. If they are flickering, it is a straight sign of voltage fluctuations, and your home immediately needs electrical rewiring. This could happen because of loose wires or terminals in your electrical system.

Burning out of Light Bulbs

When a particular socket burns via light bulbs instantly, the issue is most likely that socket. If you encounter the same problem in all sockets of your home, you may need proper rewiring. Voltage fluctuations in your electrical system can burn out your bulbs, and loose connections and overloaded systems are also two major reasons behind this issue.

It is good to call the experts and avail the best electrical rewiring services to prevent accidents, such as short-circuiting or house fire.

Spark from an Outlet

A small blue spark when you plug or unplug an appliance is pretty normal. However, if you witness a yellow spark constantly and occurs every time you use the outlet, you should repair the electrical wires as soon as possible. This is one of the obvious signs that the wiring behind the outlet is either damaged or loose.

Get it fixed immediately, especially if you have small kids at home. It is good to follow electrical safety tips for children, such as unplugging appliances properly after every use or never let your kid touch a naked wire.

Buzzing Noises

Have you ever heard the buzzing noise right from your switches and wiring? This is normal for lights on dimmer and heavy appliances. However, most outlets and light switches and circuit breakers don’t create any buzz. So, if you hear this next time, replace your wires immediately. According to experts, this happens due to an oversized electrical system in your home.

Electrical Shocks

It is one of the most obvious signs that your home needs rewiring. If you get a shock while plugging in a cord or touching any one of these, then check the cord for damage. Test it on other outlets as well. If the cord is okay, the outlet needs repairing as it could cause severe injury.

Damaged or Cracked Insulation

Old wiring and failure of insulation can lead to a life-threatening situation. The combination of old wiring with faulty insulation is hazardous, and you may need a home rewiring service in Australia to fix the problem.

Make sure you thoroughly inspect the insulation to see cracks and damage. Do not overlook any small sign if there is any doubt in your mind.

Porcelain Fuses

These were the most traditional fuses across the world. Of course, they were reliable but are not compatible with modern-age electrical systems and appliances. They don’t meet the current safety standards. If you detect them, it is a clear sign your home needs rewiring.

Aluminium Wiring

Aluminium wiring is considered outdated, and it is more likely to cause fires and damage than copper wiring. That’s why it is good to call your electrician in Australia for rewiring.


It is vital to update your electrical system if you witness any of these signs in your home. Rewiring is a major home project which should be assigned to a professional electrician. If your home needs electrical rewiring, get it fixed immediately.

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