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    One-Stop-Destination For Electrical Woes

    Don’t get anxious about finding experts for different electrical services. We have various qualified and trained electricians in Adelaide under one roof.


    We are proficient in offering electrical installations, repair and upkeep for households and businesses in the city and its suburbs. We have reasonably priced our services which are dependent on the amount of work done and have the track record of completing the jobs on time.

    Keep Your Home And Workplace Safe With Our Proven Methodologies

    What We Offer

    From rewiring and upgrades to fit-outs, new builds and testing, we take charge of everything related to electricity in your premises. With our quality workmanship, you can rest assured about the best results.

    Power Upgrades

    Whether you need new power points in your home or need to upgrade an old switchboard, we can help you out.

    Fault Testing

    Our team of best electricians in Adelaide is fully capable of finding all apparent and hidden faults while overhauling your systems.

    LED lighting

    Make the atmosphere of your homes and commercial properties sparkle up with our energy-efficient lighting solutions.

    Security Systems

    Our licensed electricians in Adelaide are skilled in installing and maintaining smoke alarms, door alarms, CCTVs and more.

    Accessible and Flexible Service

    Our electrical contractors in Adelaide are easily available and can schedule a job as per your convenience.

    What You Get


    With our electricians by your side, you do not have to feel concerned about hidden costs or excessive pricing.

    You can provide us with the details of the work required and the parts and products that need to be procured.

    Our master electricians in Adelaide put emphasis on offering safe and secure electrical repairs and installations.

    We have a team of experienced level 2 electricians in Adelaide who are licensed and trained in such tasks.

    We cater to the entire population of Adelaide and its suburbs and do not leave until the customer is happy.

    When you contact us, we do not burden you with extra charges and provide an obligation-free quote.

    Our Efficiency Is Unmatched Throughout Adelaide!

    Integrity and attention-to-detail are our core values, and we abide by them during all the procedures. We believe in creating lasting ties through exceptional service.

    Our Services

    We cater to the people of Adelaide, including the suburbs, such as Andrews Farm, Hawthorn, Malvern, Paralowie, Prospect, Norwood, Salisbury, Athelstone, etc.

    Residential Electricians

    The interiors of your home as well as exteriors should be well lit at all times. Our accomplished domestic electricians in Adelaide work diligently to make your homes more comfortable and keep them loaded with latest technological advancements. We help in installing all types of appliances and electronics like ovens, refrigerators, TV, audio systems, lights, etc. From advising you on the lighting design to upgrading systems and installing energy-efficient lights, we do it all affordably which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

    Commercial Electricians

    Commercial property is more vulnerable than a residential one. The reason behind this is that these places are visited by scores of people every day and have to utilise electrical amenities more aggressively. Thus our commercial electricians in Adelaide work hard to ensure that all your systems and machines are working correctly. We conduct earthing system upgrade, install new power outlets, add more circuits, and perform rewiring, offer lighting advice and installation, carry out security system upgrades and much more.

    AC Repair

    The air-conditioner is a vital amenity that makes our lives comfortable in hot and humid weather. With rising temperatures every year, it has become impossible to live without high performing ACs. Whether you are in your car, working in the office, shopping in the mall, or sleeping in your bedroom, a fully functional AC has become a necessity. Naturally, the installation of new ACs, their repair work and regular upkeep is an important task in every property. You can trust our electrical technicians with this responsibility.

    Stay Away From Electrical Faults And Fires!

    Make your homes and businesses electrically safe and secure places with the talented services of our local electricians in Adelaide.

    Solar Panels

    If you are looking up for ‘electricians near me’ to get a solar assessment done for your property, then you can contact our support team today. We have a team of licensed, qualified and highly trained solar panel experts in Adelaide who provide advice on installing the best-suited systems and get them up and running on the property quickly and affordably. You can also rely on them for regular maintenance of the panels as they are susceptible to wear and tear due to harsh climatic conditions.

    Network And Data Cabling

    Phone, internet and smart systems working in our homes and offices are all dependent on network and data cabling. That is why you need the most talented electricians in Adelaide to work on this intricate task in your homes and offices. Our data technology solutions are created by skilled technicians who are qualified and trained to perform these functions. They know the tricks of the trade and have worked on all types and forms of phones and computer systems. You can also hire them when you are relocating.

    24-Hour Electricians

    It can be difficult to stay calm when there is a power failure or machine breakdown at work during the after-hours. Our emergency electricians in Adelaide are equipped to handle such issues and help in taking you out of the problematic situation quickly. Our trusted professionals can be called at any hour of the day and offer customised and friendly service which helps you keep panic at bay. If you are ever stuck in such a scenario, feel free to give us a call.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    We cover the entire electrical aspect of commercial properties in Adelaide including installation, repair and maintenance of smoke alarms, ceiling fans, AC, TV, phone, LED lighting, switchboards and CCTV.

    The best way to reduce your electricity bill, besides switching off lights when not in use, is replacing your ordinary lights with LED lights. Our electricians in Adelaide can install them effortlessly.

    Our electric technicians are adept at servicing all types of cooling and heating systems installed in homes, offices, shops, malls, restaurants, etc. We are well-versed with all the brands, including Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Panasonic, etc.

    Yes, our electricians are licensed as per the regulations of each state and fully insured and verified by the local police. Thus you don’t have to worry about letting them into your homes.

    You should get your home tested if you are buying an old property or if your rented house is more than 20 years old. You must also get the place audited after every few years or when you notice fluctuations and tripping problems.

    The solar energy emitted by the sun is absorbed by the solar panel and converted into DC electricity. The solar inverter then transforms the DC power into AC electricity, which is utilised to run appliances, lights, machines, etc.

    Compliant and Proven Electrical Solutions!

    We are fully aware of the Electricity Act and abide by the state regulations. Our professionals are licensed and fully insured electricians.


    Why Choose Us


    From the moment you start building a property to living and working in it, you need electrical assistance in several areas. Our capable electricians work with you at every step of the way.


    Our local electricians in Adelaide can reach you as fast as possible. We are always on time and do not keep you waiting.


    You do not have to worry about losing your precious money when you are working with us. We offer cost-effective services.

    Leverage Technology

    Our electricians in Adelaide know about all the current market trends and technological advancements.


    We provide resolution of all electrical problems being faced by people residing in a domestic or commercial property.


    Happy Clients






    Projects Completed



    We provide 24/7 Emergency Services For All Those Who Need Immediate Expert Attention

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