admin / 17 Sep , 2021

9 Electrical Safety Tips For Children

Due to the curious nature of children, it is common for them to explore their surroundings and tinker with household surfaces and items. However, it is a major problem if they touch or tamper with electrical fixtures, accidentally touch power lines, play with electrical gadgets etc. According to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 1065 …

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admin / 09 Aug , 2021

Basic Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home And Workplace

Electricity related mishaps usually occur in homes and workplaces because of the lack of knowledge on electrical safety and knowledge. Such accidents can not only cause electric shocks but also lead to short-circuit. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the house or workplace, it is extremely important you take proper safety precautions while working with electricity and …

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admin / 29 Jul , 2021

How To Plan Lighting For Your House?

Lights are an integral part of any residential property’s design and appeal. Most people think the placement of bulbs, tube lights, LEDs and other lighting fixtures is a no brainer. But, having a lighting plan for your home is important for a safe, well-lit and visually appealing environment. Therefore, if you plan to move into …

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admin / 14 Jul , 2021

The Ultimate Guide To An Energy Efficient House

Electricity is the most recognisable form of energy and the driving force behind all man-made systems. Therefore, it should be used very carefully. However, in today’s fast-paced life, energy is usually taken for granted, particularly in homes. As a result, people misuse or waste it without thinking about the consequences. Consumption of more energy means …

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admin / 14 Jun , 2021

How To Find A Good Electrician?

Regular maintenance is a crucial aspect when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of an abode. There are many tasks related to home repairs that can be carried out without any professional assistance, except the electrical work. Faulty wiring can lead to serious situations, such as fires, electrocution and other issues. It is …

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