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Our licensed electricians in Canberra lend a helping hand for all kinds of electrical chores in residential and commercial properties.

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    Committed To Serving You

    We are passionate about our work, and this is the reason why we give our best when servicing our wide range of clients.


    Dealing with electricity is tricky and unlawful if you don’t have the license. This is the reason why people trust our master electricians in Canberra who comply with all the regulations and industry requirements. Our talented teams are the best in the business.

    We follow industry best practices andhave the required experience.

    What We Offer

    We have been able to create a team of the best electrical technicians in Canberra who have achieved expertise in offering safe and long-lasting electrical solutions. We take up each job as a new challenge.

    Safety Checks

    It is better to make sure that your switchboard is working fine than waiting for a mishap. We provide affordable electrical audits.

    Security Systems

    Our level 2 electricians in Canberra can be hired for the installation of security alarm systems and CCTV monitoring.


    Contact our electrical technicians in Canberra for expert assistance in case of wear and tear or technical faults.


    Whether it is the annual maintenance of the AC or the heating system, we are well-known for offering preventive maintenance.

    Solar Panel Experts in Canberra

    Our solar electricians in Canberra are experts in diagnosing faults and repairing solar panels of all sizes and capacities.

    What You Get


    Our mission is to provide you with the highest standard of service so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

    Our electrical contractors in Canberra are licensed and follow all the laws and industry guidelines while doing their job.

    We do not apply arbitrary charges or make you empty your pockets. All final quotes are provided upfront.

    Our team of local electricians in Canberra is quick to respond and provides electrical solutions in a friendly and polite manner.

    You can enjoy maximum comfort by opting for Better Electrician as we have flexible schedules and 24/7 availability.

    Our customer care executives are warm and courteous and provide expert advice and easy scheduling facility.

    Make The RightChoice With BetterElectrician!

    We are a trusted name in the industry with a strong presence across the country. Our locally present electricians in Canberra are known for delivering the best results.

    Our Services

    We are highly respected for our excellent solutions in Canberra and its suburbs, including Barton, Bruce, Bonner, Franklin, Harrison, Watson, Kingston, Turner, Griffith etc.

    Residential Electricians

    We are committed to making your homes brighter and loaded with up-to-date electronics and machines that help in saving power bills. We have diversified domestic services which cover switchboard upgrades, lighting designs, antenna installations, fault testing, RCDs, rewiring, data cabling, security alert installations and a lot more. We provide regular maintenance of your precious items and appliances so that they do not breakdown at a crucial moment. Whether it is the oven or the water heating system, we take care of everything.

    Commercial Electricians

    Workplaces, manufacturing units and storage areas are vital properties which need electrical maintenance and ongoing data services among other amenities for optimum functioning. Our commercial electricians in Canberra have worked in both big and small organisations and repaired and installed a variety of electronics in all these premises. Our unsurpassed service offers lasting results and licensed technicians provide peace of mind. With affordable pricing and excellent customer service, our professionals have created an extensive database of satisfied customers which is growing steadily.

    AC Repair

    Whether you are looking for AC installation, repair or regular servicing, our air conditioning experts in Canberra can take up the job and finish it in time. Our qualified, licensed and experienced team of electrical contractors goes above and beyond to give you an incomparable experience. They utilise proven methods and branded parts and sophisticated tools to bring the machine back to its original condition. We ensure that it is working in top form and continue to do so with our regular upkeep.

    All Electrical Solutions Under One Roof!

    From installing audio-visual equipment to protecting the environment with the help of energy-efficient lighting, we do it all.

    Solar Panels

    Green living is slowly becoming the norm. People are awakening to the fact that adopting solar energy is the best way to go forward. Our solar electricians in Canberra are experts in the field and have installed and repaired several panels across the city and its suburbs. From commercial units to industries and homes, we cater to a wide audience and have enabled them to cut their energy costs and move towards renewable sources of energy. We organise the complete process and make it a stress-free experience.

    Network And Data Cabling

    Phone, data and NBN cabling can become a challenging task if you are not able to find the right supplies and experts to get things done. It is a known fact that modern life is not possible without a phone and internet service. To make sure that your communication is not hampered, you must rely on our electricians in Canberra. With our expertise, you can get the best data cable infrastructure and speeds to operate your business and household telecommunication work without any hassles.

    24-Hour Electricians

    You must have come across various situations where you needed an electrician during after-hours, but were unable to get one. Better Electrician understands this need and thus provides emergency electricians in Canberra who are willing to attend to your woes at any time of the day. We reach faster as we are locally available and are quick in diagnosing the problem as our professionals have years of experience. So whether you are distressed due to faulty lights or tripping, we can get the problem resolved swiftly.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Yes, we take out the old wiring systems and upgrade them as per your needs and the requirement of the hardware being used in your home or office in Canberra.

    Global warming is a result of rising production of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases which is caused by electricity generation in power plants. It has a huge impact on the air and water and is depleting the non-renewable sources of energy. Thus environmentalists are stressing on the use of clean and green solar energy.

    Adopting NBN has become mandatory to get a fixed-line internet service in Australia. Also, the existing ADSL network is being shut down. Thus in order to keep using your phone lines, you must switch to NBN and our electricians can help in getting the job done.

    RCD is short for Residual Current Devices, and it is a safety device which shuts down electricity automatically in case of a fault. It is needed to protect homes and offices in Canberra from mishaps, such as electrocution and fire breakouts due to earth faults.

    The number of hours is dependent on the type of equipment. A split AC can take somewhere around 4 to 6 hours while a ducted system will take up to one day. For a customised quote, contact us today.

    The price of the solar panel varies according to the energy requirement and size of the property as well as other factors, such as government incentives, size of the panel, brand, size of the inverter, etc. You can call us to get a free quote today.

    Cost-Effective Electrical Solutions In Canberra!

    It is hard to find an affordable service in the capital city of Australia. However, with Better Electrician, you can rest assured about pocket-friendly prices.


    Why Choose Us


    We specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical solutions which include installations, repair work and regular maintenance. Our professionalism and attention-to-detail put us a step ahead of others.


    You can trust our electricians in Canberra when you need urgent service. We reach on time every time.


    You will not have to break the bank to get our services. We customise our costing as per the work.


    We conduct electrical repairs in Canberra using advanced tools and methodologies that promise durability.


    Our licensed electricians in Canberra are fully insured and police verified and give priority to electrical safety.


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    We Go To Great Lengths To Offer You A Specialised And Outstanding Service.

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