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    Make your interiors and exteriors shine bright with our lighting design and installation service.


    We have a team of authorised Level 2 electricians in Brisbane offering safe and quality workmanship within your premises at pocket-friendly prices. With our rapid response team, you can get your appliances back in running condition in no time. Get your free quote today.

    Installing and servicing electrical products with the utmost responsibility.

    What We Offer

    Our licensed electricians in Brisbane are fully equipped with sophisticated tools and proven methodologies that allow them to offer a broad range of services in all types of properties.

    Safety Switches

    We are concerned about the growing fire and electric shock mishaps and thus provide installation of safety switches for homes and businesses.

    Electrical Testing

    Our highly trained electricians take up the charge of performing inspection and verification of all electrical products and wiring in your property.

    Preventive Maintenance

    Our local electricians in Brisbane carry out preventive maintenance of all the electric items in your place to identify problems early.

    Data and Communication

    From installing your TV and phone to intercom and broadband, we make sure that you stay connected with the world with zero interruptions.

    Customer-Centric Approach

    We keep your requirements in mind while creating a tailored offering that fulfils your electrical needs without compromising on quality.

    What You Get


    Our master electricians in Brisbane go above and beyond to work with complete dedication.

    You can improve your living and working spaces with our energy-saving electrical consultations.

    We are quick to respond to your queries and complete the job without wasting any of your precious hours.

    You can get in touch with our friendly and helpful support staff to resolve any confusions and issues.

    Our qualified and well-trained electricians in Brisbane comply with all the regulations of the state.

    All our electricians are licensed, fully insured and vetted by the local police to ensure maximum safety.

    Give A Boost To Your Property With Better Electrician

    Illuminate your spaces in the most aesthetically pleasing way with the help of our residential and commercial electricians in Brisbane.

    Our Services

    We provide our services in the entire region of Brisbane and its suburbs, including Toowong, New Farm, Kangaroo Point, Nundah, Paddington, Fortitude Valley, etc.

    Residential Electricians

    Whether you live in an apartment or a standalone house, you need electrical upkeep of your property. When some appliance or equipment breaks down, then this need becomes more pronounced as you are not qualified and trained to handle such things. The lighting layout of the rooms is also a difficult choice to make when you are renovating or building a new house. That is why most people depend on our licensed and experienced domestic electricians in Brisbane to take care of all such requirements.

    Commercial Electricians

    Commercial property has to cater to a vast expanse of audience ranging from customers and associates to suppliers, vendors and employees. Thus the place should be in top condition at all times to make a lasting impression on the visitors. The electrical aspect of the space plays a vital role in attracting the attention of people through mood lighting, entertainment gadgets, high-performing HVAC systems and security functions. Our commercial electricians in Brisbane ensure the installation and maintenance of all these electronic devices with effectiveness.

    AC Repair

    Air conditioning has become a necessity due to modern living spaces and growing temperatures in recent years. The scorching sun is not giving any respite to the locals, and thus air conditioning systems are working in full swing in all types of properties. Our electrical technicians in Brisbane are well-versed with the installation, repair and upkeep of all types of air conditioners including window AC, split AC and ducted systems. You can rely on our trained professionals to identify the problem in a faulty device and restore it without any hassles.

    Flickering Lights Giving You A Tough Time?

    Get in touch with our executives to get the connections and wiring tested and repaired for a smooth flow of power.

    Solar Panels

    Make your home dependent on renewable sources of energy by switching to solar panels and cutting down on your electricity bills. Our solar panel experts are registered and accredited electrical technicians who are proficient in the installation of solar panels in homes and commercial properties and provide tailored solar energy plans which match with your requirements and space. We also undertake replacement of old panels and assess the systems to identify faults and repair them. If you want to become an eco-friendly resident, then solar panel is your best choice.

    Network And Data Cabling

    Data and network connections have become the lifeline of households and businesses as the whole functioning of the people, and their work is dependent on high-speed internet. All communication devices and entertainment gadgets are dependent on proficient data cabling. We do not want your communication systems to fail even for a second and thus provide all the mounting and concealed wiring facilities during the installation process and make sure you can enjoy your entertainment without any hassles. Our electricians in Brisbane have the cabling license, which ensures meeting industry benchmarks with ease.

    24-Hour Electricians

    Electrical appliances and devices can stop working without warning and make your life miserable, especially if you have to deal with a power outage in your home or fluctuations in voltage or tripping etc. These faults can take the shape of monumental hazards if they lead to an electric fire or electrocution. Thus you may need the services of an electrical technician in Brisbane at any hour of the day. Our 24 hours of electrician service ensures that we are at your doorstep when you need immediate action.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    We do not have any standard rates as our prices are based on customer requirements. We offer an upfront quote without any obligations.

    As per the Electricity Act 1996, a qualified electrician must possess a license to operate as a technician and it assures safety during the jobs.

    You should ideally set the thermostat at 25 degrees Celsius and keep in mind that every time you lower the temperature, it is going to cost you more.

    Master electricians are industry veterans who come with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. They are trained in offering a safe and reliable service.

    Solar energy or power is the naturally occurring energy created by the heat of the sunlight. It is abundantly available in Brisbane as our continent has the highest average solar radiation per sq m. It is being increasingly used by Australians.

    Yes, our expert electricians offer consultation on connecting to the Wi-Fi console on the internet with the help of a wireless connection. Our professionals clear the slot and install a new internet point in case there is no empty connection slot available.

    Need Commercial or Domestic Electrical Repair And Maintenance?

    We have a team of the best electricians in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs which provides excellent electrical installation, repair and maintenance services. We are second to none when it comes to offering quality workmanship.


    Why Choose Us


    Better Electrician is a reputed and trusted company operating in Brisbane with a team of highly efficient electricians who provide incomparable services.

    24/7 Availability

    You can resolve any electrical fault immediately before it makes matters worse by contacting our emergency electricians.

    Reasonably Priced

    We offer tailored packages which are dependent on the services offered and do not include any hidden charges.

    Proven Systems

    Our Brisbane-based local electricians are trained extensively in domestic and commercial electrical service methodologies.


    Our technicians are fully licensed and registered to offer all kinds of electrical services in Brisbane and its surrounding areas.


    Happy Clients






    Projects Completed



    Quality assurance and end-to-endsolutions are our specialities.

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