10 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home's Lighting


10 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home's Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any home because it can increase or decrease the aesthetic appeal of the rooms. Besides illuminating areas to help household members see better, lights highlight different parts of the property for safety.

Additionally, lights set the mood and ambience of a room. For example, bedrooms have soft lights to allow relaxation whereas living areas have bright and big lights for gatherings. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the lighting in your home and hire professional electricians to install them correctly.

However, if the fixtures are already in place, here are ten ways to instantly improve your home's lighting. Have a look.

1. Open Windows, Blinds & Doors For Natural Light

Open windows, blinds and doors during the day to let natural light in for illuminating different parts of your home. It helps ventilate your house and reduce electricity usage, as you use natural light for reading, cooking, cleaning and doing other activities.

Use curtains, install window/door screens or adjust blinds to control the flow of natural light and have as much exposure as you want.

2. Prioritise Changing Old Fixtures

Inspect your home thoroughly and make a list of old light fixtures you haven't upgraded for years. Prioritise changing them over others to lower your electricity bill and improve illumination in your home. By changing old fixtures like chandeliers, mounted lights and others, you can a drastic difference and make your house look modern and chic.

3. Switch To LED Lights

If your home has halogen or incandescent lights, switch to LEDs because they are versatile and energy-efficient. LEDs consume 75% less electricity than halogen lights, have a 5 to 10 times longer shelf life, and are economical with a payback time of fewer than 12 months.

What's more, you can get LED lights with sensors that detect motion and turn off when no one is in the room. Additionally, LED lights have different settings allowing users to dim or brighten them as per requirement.

4. Install Smart Light Bulbs

Thanks to the advancement of lighting technology, smart light bulbs are readily available in markets today. You can hire professional electricians in Australia to install them in your home or do it yourself with ease.

Depending on their features, the bulbs can be controlled via an app on your phone, turned on/off upon motion detection etc. You can turn on your home's lights from the garage instead of walking into dark rooms and manually flick the switches.

5. Get Good Ambient Lights

Usually, homes have ambient lights that illuminate a space uniformly and set the ambience and tone of rooms. These lights are fixed on ceilings and walls to allow maximum visibility and provide stable lighting in a room.

6. Get Task & Accent Lights

To improve your home's lighting, you need task and accent lights as well. Task lights are purpose-based since they focus on illuminating a specific area of a room. Accent lights are primarily used for elevating aesthetics and are usually found in living rooms, yards, patios, entrances and pathways.

7. Always Consider Scale Of Room

Before getting light fixtures, measure the rooms to get appropriate lights. You don't want light fixtures to take space and look gaudy. Take the assistance of professional electricians in Australia to create a lighting plan, install lights and replace unsuitable ones.

8. Install Dimmers

One of the best ways to control lighting in your home is to install dimmers that can change the brightness of lights in any room. Book professional electricians in Australia to install the dimmer switches across your house. With these tools, you can manage the balance, illumination and other aspects of lighting in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom etc.

9. Get Decorative Lights

Besides paying attention to the three basic lights in your home – ambient, task and accent, you can improve your home's aesthetic appeal by getting decorative lights like lamps, hanging lights, study lights etc. Get plug-in modules with remote controls to place them anywhere and turn the lights on/off as per requirement.

10. Revise The Lighting Plan

Consider revising the lighting plan of your house if it has been the same for the past few years. Hire an experienced electrician in Australia to evaluate the lights in your house and get a professional opinion regarding upgrades and repairs. Make the upgrades gradually to avoid upsetting your daily routine and overspending.

During upgrades, you can install sensors, timers and smart lighting systems to effectively and efficiently manage the lighting in your house.


The aesthetic appeal, safety and ambience of a house are significantly dependent on its lighting system. To have a well-lit and balanced-looking home, you need to install appropriate lights in the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, bedrooms etc.

If your home lighting is lacking, make improvements through the ten easy ways mentioned above. Don't hesitate to hire professional electricians in Australia to manage everything smoothly and without stress.

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