Does Your Switchboard Need To Be Upgraded?


Does Your Switchboard Need To Be Upgraded?

Every home has a switchboard that distributes power throughout the property. Most people don't pay attention to this fixture unless there is some problem with electricity distribution or there is a need to turn off the main supply to prevent electrocution in case of an accident.

But as a responsible homeowner, you should be aware of maintaining this fixture and getting it renewed like other things in your house. To keep your family safe and abide by Electrical Safety Standards and the changing wiring rules in Australia, you should ensure the switchboard in your home is up-to-date and safe-to-use.

Here is your complete guide by the best electricians in Australia outlining what a switchboard is, how to know it needs an upgrade, and why you need it. Have a look.

What is a Switchboard?

The box in your home housing all the main switches and circuits is called a switchboard. It is the central hub of electricity because from here, electricity by your utility provider gets distributed to fixtures, outlets, plugs, appliances, etc. In case of a mishap or an electrical problem, you can unplug the whole house's supply by turning off the main switch in the fuse box.

Switchboards are also called meter boxes, main electrical boxes, fuse boxes, and breaker boxes. Since your house's switchboard has a vital function, you need to be careful about its maintenance and keep it upgraded.

When to Upgrade Your Switchboard?

After the refinement of wiring rules AS/NZS 3000:2018, switchboards in many Australian homes needed to be upgraded. If you are unsure your fuse box is in compliance with the laws, don't hesitate to get it inspected by a professional electrician in Brisbane. Additionally, observe if you are having the following problems and if yes, you may need an upgraded switchboard.

  • Upon using multiple appliances, the fuses blow or the circuit breaker trips
  • Voltage fluctuation is common, and lights flicker without an apparent reason
  • Your switchboard cackles, buzzes, or makes odd noises
  • Your switchboard has ceramic-style or porcelain fuses, out-dated asbestos/timber metering enclosures, or no metering isolation links.

Why Get Your Switchboard Upgraded ASAP?

  • The prime reasons for getting a switchboard in compliance with the revised wiring rules are safety and maintaining electrical circulation integrity in your house. In addition, you should upgrade the fuse box for the following reasons.
  • With homes having high-end appliances, fixtures, gadgets, and various other items that require a constant connection to an electrical outlet, out-dated switchboards cannot comply with modern power demands.
  • When electricity consumption is high, and you keep using an old switchboard, the risk of fire, short-circuiting, and electrocution is significant. Old switchboards don't have the capacity or built to handle high power usage, causing overheating, melting and blowing of switches.
  • What's more, you are legally obligated to upgrade your switchboard to comply with modern rules and laws of wiring and electricity safety standards by the Australian Government. You are required to have power circuits at your home with safety switches that are instrumental in preventing electrical mishaps.
  • Your switchboard should have a new meter that is smart and capable of measuring how much electricity is used and when it is used in real-time (approximately). With a meter with the latest technology, you can use high-performance appliances, objects, gadgets, and services without any hassle or stress. Additionally, it will be easier to manage your consumption and bills.

Get Professionals to Upgrade Your Switchboard

  • Don't tinker with the switchboard unless you have the qualification and experience to manage electrical circuits and structures. If your fuse box is out-dated or you recognize you need to upgrade it for other reasons, hire professional electricians in Australia to plan the power downtime and install the latest switchboard. When you hire professionals, they do the following.
    • Disassemble/dismantle the old switchboard plus remove from the site
    • Install a new and upgraded switchboard
    • Perform thorough testing and quality assurance inspections to ensure the circuits and connections are working correctly.
    • Provide after-service care/support and future assistance to clients if any upgrades or other installations are required.
    • Do your research to find and hire the best residential electricians in Australia for changing the switchboard in your house. Contact reputed companies who can provide detailed explanations for what services they offer and a free quote.
    • Additionally, you can inquire about the downtime required for switchboard installation. Considering these things, hire professionals who can do the task within your budget and a stipulated time.


    People with outdated switchboards with low capacity and ceramic/porcelain switches should get them upgraded as soon as possible.

    If your lights flicker, circuit switch trips on using multiple appliances or you are having any other issues mentioned above, you should hire professional electricians in Australia. The specialists can disassemble and remove the old fuse box and safely install the new switchboard with less downtime.

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