Basic Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home And Workplace


Basic Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home And Workplace

Electricity related mishaps usually occur in homes and workplaces because of the lack of knowledge on electrical safety and knowledge. Such accidents can not only cause electric shocks but also lead to short-circuit.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of the house or workplace, it is extremely important you take proper safety precautions while working with electricity and do not handle anything casually.

The best way to keep yourself and your home safe from electric accidents are by hiring a professional electrician in Australia. The experts are experienced, knowledgeable, trained and also have the right tools and equipment to resolve your electricity issues. Apart from that, you also need to know about a few things. If you want to prevent any accidents, you need to follow some tactics.

Read on to know more about the basic electrical safety tips for your home and workplace.

Do Not Overload Electrical Socket

Whether it is your home or office, you should never overload an electrical outlet with too many plugs because it is a common cause of electrical problems. So, thoroughly check all outlets in your home and workplace to ensure that all the outlets are working properly and not having any heating problems.

You should only plug a single heat-producing machine into an outlet at one time. Also, avoid multi-outlet extension cords or converters for your appliances.

Repair Damaged Electrical Cords at the Earliest

If you have damaged power cords in your home or workplace, then there is a serious electrical safety risk. A damaged wire or cord is capable of causing fires as well as electrocution.

Therefore, you need to thoroughly check all the power and extension cords you have and make sure they are no signs of cracking and fraying. If there are such signs, you must repair or replace them at the earliest. Power cords should not be under rugs and furniture because carpets can overheat them, and furniture can crush them.

Keep Your Cords Tidy and Secure

Electrical safety rules are not only applicable on cords when they are in use but also when you are not using them. Cords should be stored safely to prevent damages.

You must keep the stored cords away from your kids and pets as they may chew or play with the cords. Instead of wrapping the cords tightly around an object, you should keep is in an organised manner. Otherwise, it will stretch the cord, and that will lead to overheating.

Unplug All Your Unused Appliances

One of the best and easiest electrical safety tips is to unplug all the appliances when they are not in use. However, the problem is that people usually forget to do that. By doing it, you can save the amount of electricity as the usage of electricity will reduce. It will also protect the appliances from overheating and power surges.

Avoid Working on Live Electrical Wires

Whether you need to work on the live wire in your home or workplace, you should always avoid doing it on your own unless you are an expert. Always contact an experienced electrician in Australia to get the job done in the best possible manner.

They use their experience and knowledge to resolve the issue while taking all the precautions. However, you need to make sure that you find a good electrician. No matter how small the task seems, you should never underestimate any task related to electricity.

Avoid Conductive Tools and Cleaning Items

If you are cleaning any home or office area where electrical danger is present, assume that the electrical parts are live. So, you need to perform the cleaning very carefully.

Always remember that some cleaning materials like a solvent, water-based cleaning materials, steel wool, metalised cloth are electrically conductive. So keep them always keep them away from live electrical parts as well as equipment.

Always Switch Off Main Power before Working

Power switched on when while performing any work on the electrical system is one of the most common reasons for shocks & accidents. Therefore, experts always advise people to switch off the main power of the home or office before performing any major electrical maintenance work. If there is any maintenance work for small power outlet related, you can simply switch off the plug point and then do your work.

Keep Electrical Outlets and Devices And Away From Water

Electricity and water can be a deadly combination! So, one of the most important electrical safety rules that you must follow is to keep your electrical appliances dry and away from water. It will prevent damage to the equipment and also protect from personal injury and electrocution.

If you are working with electrical appliances, then it is important that you have dry hands. To keep the equipment dry, keep them away from plant pots, sinks, aquariums, bathtubs, showers, etc. It will significantly minimise the risk of electricity and water coming into contact.

The Bottom Line

If you follow the basic electrical safety tips mentioned above, you will be able to keep your home and workplace safe. Maintaining the electric wire, switches, appliance, etc., on your own can be risky as well as stressful. However, you can reduce the stress level by hiring the best electrician in Australia. They will complete the task in the best possible manner.

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