7 Steps to Take before Calling an Emergency Electrician


7 Steps to Take before Calling an Emergency Electrician

Electrical emergencies are common where electrical safety measures are not followed correctly, or there are grounding/earthing issues. Short circuits, electrocution, shocks, sparks, and fires caused due to electrical failures and mishaps can be serious problems that should not be fixed with do-it-yourself solutions. Professional intervention is required during an electrical emergency that can happen at any time and dealing with it while the professionals arrive is necessary. 

Understandably, most people are unaware of the measures to take when a potentially-dangerous or dire electrical mishap occurs. However, this lack of knowledge can be rectified by following this guide by the best electricians in Australia containing seven steps to take before calling an emergency electrician for major electrical issues.

Electrical Fire

Contrary to popular belief, fires caused by electrical issues and defects like poor-quality wires, incorrectly installed outlets, short circuits, or broken appliances are common. In case there is an electrical fire at your residence, here are the precautionary steps to take.

  1. Switch off the main power switch of the property
  2. Try to unplug the device, equipment, or any other electrical item safely by wearing protective fire/heat resistant gloves. 
  3. If the fire is visible and shows signs of growing, use a fire extinguisher to put out the flame and stop it from spreading
  4. Alert everyone in the household about the hazard and ask them to stay at a significant distance from the affected area
  5. Don’t try to touch the equipment or the burned outlet with bare hands or any metal accessory.
  6. Evacuate the premises if the fire is significant
  7. Whatever the scale of the fire is contact the best electricians in Australia offering 24/7 assistance 

Fallen Power Lines

After a strong storm, there are times when electrical power lines fall and create a dangerous situation for all the residents living in the area. What are the steps to take when one or more power lines have fallen near your house? They are mentioned as follows.

  1. Call the concerned helpline service to report the emergency 
  2. Maintain a significant distance of at least 40 meters from the fallen line
  3. If possible, create a warning sign stating there is a fallen power line and place it near the site to intimate others
  4. Avoid electrical hazard by not getting close to conductive materials or elements
  5. Under any circumstance don’t try to touch and pick the line or let anyone else do it
  6. If someone was electrocuted from the fallen line, call for medical support immediately
  7. If it starts to rain or the power line comes in contact with water then remain indoor for more security

Electric Shock

Electrocution is a serious issue that can cause severe damage, including high-degree burns, heart attacks, or arrhythmia. Therefore, if there are exposed wires, faulty outlet, damaged equipment, or any other electrical item causing shock or electrocution, then take these steps before calling an emergency electrician

  1. Turn off the power switch immediately to stop coursing of electricity thorough the faulty items
  2. Don’t try to touch the affected area with bare hands or any conductive material
  3. If the shocked person becomes unconscious, perform CPR and call medical assistance
  4. Don’t touch the victim until the main switch is off and they are no longer in contact with the faulty device, wire, or equipment
  5. In case the injury is manageable, inspect the victim for burns and coherency 
  6. If the issue of shock rose due to earthing or grounding problems, immediately turn off all items connected electrically
  7. Don’t remain bare feet and hand while coming near the affected areas and wear protective gear like rubber gloves and shoes

How to Choose the Right Emergency Electrician?

Besides being aware of the steps to take when an electrical emergency occurs, one should how to reach out the right emergency electrician. Electrical accidents and mishaps should not be taken lightly, which is why it is wise to seek professional help rather than applying do-it-yourself solutions. Here are tips for choosing the right professional in case of an electrical emergency.

  • Search for the best electricians in Australia near your residence
  • Choose a company that is in business for many years and has an excellent market reputation
  • Since an emergency can happen any time call, 24/7 electricians in Australia who can assist round the clock
  • Hire professionals who are not far from your home as the assistance required during an emergency is immediate
  • Make sure the electrician has the experience, licence, and the qualification to handle challenging electrical failures adequately

The Bottom Line

Electrical emergencies can happen without preamble, causing minor or major problems. Therefore, being aware of what to do in such situations is necessary as it will help you handle the problem safely. Through this guide containing seven steps to take before calling emergency electricians, you can manage any situation that involves electrical mishaps. In addition, you can learn how to choose the right emergency electrician to handle the circumstances as well.

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