9 Electrical Safety Tips For Children


9 Electrical Safety Tips For Children

Due to the curious nature of children, it is common for them to explore their surroundings and tinker with household surfaces and items.

However, it is a major problem if they touch or tamper with electrical fixtures, accidentally touch power lines, play with electrical gadgets etc. According to an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, 1065 people were hospitalised in 2014-16 for electrical injuries, including kids.

Children can get electric shock, burns and injuries that may or may not require hospitalisation. Therefore, the onus of maintaining their safety is on the parents or guardians. You can hire the best electricians in Australia to ensure your home’s earthing and electrical connections are set up properly. Additionally, have a look at this complete guide outlining nine electrical safety tips for children.

Avoid Power Lines & Transformers

While flying kites, teach your children to keep away from power lines. Kite strings can conduct electricity when they touch an energised power line. Naturally, electricity finds the quickest way to the ground, which is why your children risk electrocution while flying kites.

Therefore, make sure you tell them to do the activity in an open area away from towers and wires. Additionally, teach your children to identify safety warning signs of transforms and avoid playing on or near them.

Don’t Play With Electric Outlets

From a young age, discourage your children from playing with electric outlets. Tell them to avoid poking or prodding the switchboards or independent outlets with their fingers or objects, especially metal ones.

They can sustain serious electrical shock and burns if the outlet short-circuits. If you have toddlers, hire professional electricians in Australia to install baby-proof enclosures on the sockets and switchboards.

Never Throw Water on Electrical Gadgets or Appliances

Water is a good conductor of electricity, and it can seep inside electrical items causing short circuits, fire and electrocution. Therefore, you kids should know that throwing water on any electrical gadget or appliance is dangerous whether the equipment’s plug is connected to an outlet or not.

Turn Off Switches After Use

Everyone in your household should follow this electrical safety tip because when you leave switches on after use, it can lead to the outlets or equipment overheating. Constant electric supply damages gadgets and appliances in addition to increasing the risk of electrocution and burning of circuits.

Unplug Electrical Items Correctly

Often children develop the habit of unplugging electronic toys, chargers, appliances, and other items without turning off the switch first. Pulling the plug from a socket can damage the outlet, wire or plug, making it unfit for future use. What’s more, it increases your chances of electrocution and short-circuiting.

Never Touch A Naked Wire

Show pictures and videos of damaged and naked wires to your children and educate them to never touch them. Your children or any adult in the house can sustain serious electrical injuries or shock from uncovered wires.

Teach your children to inform you immediately if they spot a gadget, appliance, or equipment with damaged wires. Consult an experienced electrician in Australia to replace the wires instead of trying to fix them yourself.

Keep Cords & Wires Out Of Your Kid’s Reach

Until your children are mature enough to understand how to handle electrical cords and wires, keep them out of their reach. This safety measure helps keep the items away from high-traffic areas of the house, reducing tripping accidents. Additionally, kids can unknowingly damage the cords and wires, increasing the risk of a fire hazard or electrocution.

Keep Dangerous Equipment Away

Children’s inquisitive nature tempts them to turn on electrical equipment they see the adults using. These items can be toasters, hand blenders, electric knives, steam cleaners, pressure washers and other equipment used for cooking, cleaning etc.

Therefore, you should always store any gadget or equipment out of reach of your children when not in use. Make sure the storage space is locked properly, and your children cannot access it in your absence.

Never Leave Electrical Items Charging Overnight

Develop the habit of never leaving electrical items, especially your children’s toys to charge overnight. It can lead to overheating of the equipment and increase the risk of short-circuits. Read the manufacturer’s guide to know how long a toy, gadget or appliance takes to charge and do it in the day when you can keep an eye on your children and the items while it powers up.

The Bottom Line

When you have children at home, it becomes imperative to keep electric items out of their reach and teach them safety measures. You can hire the best electricians in Australia to secure outlets, repair damaged wires, and prevent electrical accidents. Additionally, follow the safety tips for children shared above to keep your kids protected and healthy.

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